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Dear Dr. Nahhas,
I would like to "Thank You" for your wonderful care you gave me this Spring. You performed a Phlebectomy on my left leg for a varicose vein that I have problems with for decades. Prior to the procedure I had shooting pains that would shoot up my leg which was very painful. I also noticed that that leg was always cooler than my right leg and that if I had any injuries to that leg it always healed much slower. Since I have had this done the difference is truly amazing! I no longer have the pain, my leg is warmer and the color of my leg is even normal like my right leg. The procedure was so non-threatening and you and your staff were so informative and reassuring. It was also so convenient to have it done in the office. I have recommended people to you as well as my daughter. Anyone considering this and has doubts and or fears, has nothing to worry about. I highly recommend it and to let them know that you are the finest person to do it. In closing I would like to say I am so ever grateful to you. Every day I say "Thank you Dr. Nahhas ". You are a blessing and are greatly appreciated.
Mrs. Dean D.

"I had the radiofrequency ablation done in 2017. I was a bit nervous but Dr. Nahhas and his nurse were very excellent at explaining it to me. I did take something to calm me down the first time. It went very well, no pain. The second leg I was not nervous at all so I didn’t take anything to calm me down. It also went very well. Dr. Nahhas does an excellent job. I highly recommend this procedure if you are thinking of getting your varicose veins done. My legs are no longer in pain."
- Christine B.
"I have suffered from the effects of varicose veins for the past 10 years. I experienced restless leg syndrome and cramping along with swelling of my ankle, not to mention the unsightly bulging of my veins. Dr. Nahhas explained the ClosureFast procedure. It seemed less invasive than traditional varicose vein stripping. The procedure went smooth with no pain during or after. I noticed results within a couple days. My legs look and feel great. I highly recommend the ClosureFast procedure.""
- Amy L.